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Hometown customer service at its finest
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Recently on a weekend trip to visit friends in Elizabeth, Ill. (about an hour and 15 minutes from Lancaster) we experienced some electrical/computer trouble with our van. Since we were traveling with our two small children we became a little alarmed since our lights were shutting on and off, the speedometer stopped working and every warning light came on.  After getting parked I decided to take a look at the fuse panel and since my mechanical ability stops at remembering which side the gas tank is on, I decided I was in way over my head.

At this point it was almost noon on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and since every service center is basically closed, we weren’t sure what to do.

After coming up with a few options we decided to call Les Mack’s where we bought the vehicle and talk to Richard Mack.  After telling him our situation and being a father of young children himself he did not want us to drive the vehicle.  Richard arranged all the information we needed to have the van towed and continued to go above and beyond our expectations of what a dealership needs to do. He sent a driver to come pick us up and take us home and since we were down a vehicle he also said we could keep that one until ours was fixed. 
In a day and age where everyone is cutting back and doing more with less (no pun intended), their only concern was for our safety and the well being of our family which was very appreciated.

With many businesses supporting “buy local” we thought this would give many area drivers a great reason why.
Brian and Teresa Muldoon Lancaster