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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Aug. 6
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A novel Israel plan

As I began to think of what I needed to express, I found the list to be overwhelming. There was obviously not enough space to comment on all of them, so I’ll simply list them. Each and every one is appalling and deserves the attention of our citizenry. However, most folks remain in the dark. Each is an example of how big government is far more harmful to this country’s future than most are willing to face. Waking up is a very slow process for some.

This is the short list; it goes on and on and on.
• The Benghazi scandal (under investigation … news flash … it was not the video).
• Obamacare (the big shoe has yet to fall … wait and see).
• Harry Reid (over 200 bills passed by the House … not allowed to come up for a vote in the Senate).
• IRS scandal (makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor…under investigation).
• Fast and Furious scandal (can’t remember that?…under investigation for about five years).
• Illegal immigration (whatever happened to legal immigration?).
• Government’s wasteful spending (this is what big government does).
• The growing unsustainable debt (soon to be $18,000,000,000,000. Sorry, kids).
• Corrupt Justice Department (under investigation … Eric Holder in charge … holding my breath).
• Our funding terrorist groups (I wish I was joking).
• The VA scandal (under investigation … government policy says you can’t fire the corrupt).
• Our inept President (under no investigation — hmmm!).

When you hear the phrase “it is under investigation,” this means nothing is being done. Just waiting for the people to forget about it. Sadly, it works.

For those of you who hide from the truth by claiming Fox News lies, let me just let you know that there is a very good reason for why Fox is the most trusted news by the vast majority in this country. Hide from the truth if that’s what you must do.

Since it is all so depressing to watch what our ignorance has allowed, I have chosen to write about something positive. I recognize that it will not happen, but I believe that the future will show that it would have been better if it had. As outrageous as it may sound, it would go a long way in solving a number of major problems.

To begin with, we must be willing to recognize that when we weigh all the pros and cons, the advantages would prevail over the disadvantages. Our strongest ally in the Middle East is Israel. They are surrounded by terrorist enemies. They are regularly under attack by those enemies. Iran has promised to wipe them from the face of the earth. Iran will soon have nuclear weapons. After Iran destroys Israel, this silly idea will become a “we should have done” idea.

So we need to convince Israel that all land is Holy Land. We then give them a huge section of the Texas border. They can dismantle most or all of their sacred buildings and transport them to their new land. They could even transport huge amounts of their soil and spread it onto their new country. The process would be relatively lengthy, but the jobs created by the construction would be an economic boom. The Israelis would certainly protect the border, eliminating the source of what will otherwise prove to be an influx of those who will either indirectly weaken us economically or directly weaken us by carrying out terrorist attacks.

By eliminating the Texas border with Mexico, we could put our resources at protecting the remainder of our border with Mexico. The constant Middle East problems that have no other solutions would be resolved.

Now, as silly as all of this sounds, my question for those who are chuckling would be: What is your realistic solution? Until I hear something more reasonable, I will continue to believe that this idea may not be as ridiculous as it may seem. If your “realistic solution” includes convincing Hamas or Iran or other terrorist folks to accept the “live and let live” concept, I will be the one chuckling.

Yes, many inconvenient situations and many hardships, but maybe it is time to “think outside the box.” We must face the very hard fact that we live in a world filled with religious hatred. No matter how understanding and loving you may be, you are the infidel. If you doubt that, go over to a Muslim country and preach your love and acceptance views. Good luck and goodbye. By being an American you will forever be their target. No, it’s not because of what we’ve done, it’s because of what we won’t do!

Who knows, this might even be something Democrats and Republicans could agree on.

Thomas Skubal

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