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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Dec. 3
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Kill Keystone

The Keystone pipeline bill fell one vote short in the Democrat-controlled Senate two weeks ago.

Think of all those jobs that weren’t created. One big oil spill along the 2,000-mile pipeline could have created hundreds of jobs. And all those poor lawyers denied the opportunity to argue that it wasn’t TransCanada’s fault that the Nebraskans put that aquifer in in the way of their pipeline.

But the issue is guaranteed to be revisited by the Republican-led 114th Congress. Nothing can stand in the way of the Koch brothers’ ego odyssey, having paid so much money to get compliant senators and Congresspeople in place.

The scenario is pretty simple. The tar sand is mined.  It is sent to the Saudi-owned refinery in Texas. The fuel is sent to China. We clean up the mess.

The pipeline, which has no purpose other than to demonstrate the Kochs’ power, is much like the arrogant display of power of Chris Cline putting that mine up in northern Wisconsin with the help of the Republicans in our Legislature.

The real significance of the mine and the pipeline is that while they are opposed by most scientists and most Americans, the Congress and our Legislature will obey the will of their contributors, the public be damned, the environment be damned, our country be damned.

Walt Wisnewski

On the bishop

In response to “The bishop and me” Nov. 26, I have two questions — the first one for you, and the second one for the people of Platteville. I pray that you read this prayerfully, that it touches your hearts and leads you closer to God.

First: What sort of man writes publicly against a man of God (or any human person for that matter) behind his back? (I imagine the bishop of the Madison Diocese does not subscribe to The Platteville Journal.) What the bishop chose to do is actually very Scriptural. Christ told his Apostles, of whom the bishop is a successor, in Luke 9:5 “Wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.” And in Matthew 10:14, “And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.” I’m guessing the bishop would have welcomed your presence, if he had believed your intentions to be respectful.

Second: What sort of faith — or lack of faith, rather — does a people have when there is a “mass exodus” of parishioners from a parish? What people who consider themselves Christians would allow themselves to listen to gossip and spread gossip about men who have left everything behind to serve the Kingdom of God (or about any man, for that matter)? In my opinion, the weakness lies in those who gossip and leave.

So what if priests come to a parish and change things up a bit — as though Christ didn›t come and shake things up a bit! Is your faith really that weak that you would just up and leave your parish, some not even meeting the new priests and giving them a chance? Often times it takes us a year to get used to a new face; why not give these men a chance to show you how much they really love you, for the love of Christ? Further, did you know there are considerably more college students at Mass on a regular basis, after the order priests arrived, than before?

Finally, I would like to say how these men have touched my life personally. Because of their holiness and positive influence in many of the lives of their current parishioners, my husband›s life was transformed. I would never have met him, nor married him, if it hadn›t been for their influence in his life. They walked with us when our baby girl was born early and in a NICU for many days after her birth. Their prayers, blessings and their gift of the sacraments got us through that most difficult time of our lives. Without priests in general, we would not have the sacraments, through which we receive God›s grace — a priest once told me in confession that if we stay close to the sacraments, we will stay strong no matter what difficult thing comes along. (Perhaps the people of Platteville were not close to the sacraments when gossip ruined their opinion of a couple men who they really did not know?)

I hope this brings you closer to God and closer to each other.

Melissa Cullen

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