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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Jan. 22
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Not a fan of Ryan

One hundred fifty years ago President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. In 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt began Social Security, and 50 years ago, President John Kennedy started and Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Bill. We had a nation and leaders that cared about the problems of the poor and those who need assistance. We still have many today who need jobs and assistance.

Time magazine named Pope Francis man of the year. He expressed concern about the new tyranny in which “King money” is central to the cause; with so few with so much and so many with so little. We need to speak up.

Now we have Congress refusing to extend unemployment or job training and they cut food stamps too. The Paul Ryan budget wants to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare. They want us to believe this is necessary to tackle the deficit, but they did not cause the deficit. The government shutdown certainly did not help. The economy will not grow if the lower class cannot have a livable wage and money to buy necessities. We need to raise the minimum wages. We need more jobs with benefits and not all these part-time and temporary workers with low wages.

Now they are talking about raising the sales tax and no income tax and all this will do is help the rich and hurt the poor again. We need taxes to help the schools and public essentials, to build roads and etc.

We cannot resolve our problems unless we right these inequalities and cut wasteful spending. Instead, we are asking our veterans, federal workers, long-term unemployed and etc. to be sacrificed. Paul Ryan’s budget does nothing to promote economic growth or job creation. It is paid for on the backs of middle class as usual, while not touching the wealthiest and allows corporations to benefit from tax loopholes. We need also to extend Obama Care to a Medicare for all plan; after all, the Congress and Senate have government insurance.

Call your Congress and Senate at (202) 224-3121. They need to work to resolve the deficit with a responsible solution and not just looking at Social Security, because this would hurt the economy more .

Patricia Hazen

A vote for Seeboth

I am writing to endorse Amy Seeboth for Platteville Common Council in the upcoming primary election Feb. 18.

Amy is heavily involved in the community. She has served as a consultant on the Safe Routes to School Committee and the city’s Comprehensive Plan Update. In addition, she served a three-year term on the city Plan Commission. Currently, she is a member of the Platteville Community Arboretum board and the Extraterritorial Zoning Board of Appeals.

From this volunteer work, Amy has great knowledge of how the city and community work together to accomplish projects that will continue to move the city forward. Platteville needs a candidate for Common Council who has already demonstrated a commitment to the city. That candidate is Amy Seeboth.

I am asking you to vote Tuesday, Feb. 18 for Amy Seeboth for Platteville Common Council.

Patrice Steiner
730 N. Water St., Platteville

Seeboth is running for Steiner’s at-large Common Council seat.

Another for Seeboth

It is good for the City of Platteville that Amy Seeboth has decided to run for the city council. She has a great background, is family friendly, is dedicated to the community, and will come to the council without an agenda. She will do what’s best for all the residents of the city. Looking at the candidates, I see Amy as the one who would best represent the the long-term interests of our city, therefore she is the one that I will support in this council race.

Joe Grant
995 Highbury Circle, Platteville

Why he’s running

On Feb. 18, there will be a primary held to reduce three candidates for the Common Council at-large seat. I am sure that all three would appreciate your vote. I am asking all residents to vote on Feb. 18; I believe it is important to find out what each candidate stands for and which candidate can do the best job representing the residents of Platteville.

Here are my reasons for running for Common Council. First: No one should be put through what I have for the past two years. Our city employees need to apply Platteville’s city codes fairly and equally throughout the city. I had at least five people refuse to sign my nomination paper for fear of reprisals from our city administration. No one should be afraid of their city government. City government should work for the people and support the people.

I have been asked about the parking problem on Main Street. I honestly don’t have an answer. However, out of all the businesses and people that live on Main Street, someone should have a solution, and I am willing to listen and if elected will support ideas that make sense.

The Library Block project at the top of Main Street: I will support it if it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. Our city manager has stated this, repeatedly. I will make him keep his word.

I believe that once we accept a bid for a job, that is final. I was at a Common Council meeting when they discussed the lower end of Broadway Street project and the cost of the project was raised. Now, if we have to borrow more money, it raises the cost of the project by thousands of dollars spent on interest. This fact was not discussed at the meeting.

I believe the streets on the north side of Platteville should be in the same shape as the streets on the south side of Platteville are kept. I think taxes are high enough in Platteville, and the Common Council should find a way to reduce our tax burden. City hall should be open for business on Fridays.

I believe that the primary job of our city manager is to bring new jobs and businesses to the city. As for the university , it should be treated like the rest of the homeowners and businesses in Platteville.

In conclusion, I believe I can bring a fresh new perspective to the Council as a homeowner, life long resident, member of the Platteville Fire Department and businessman.

I will answer my phone six days a week at 348-2210 to discuss your concerns. All eligible voters need to vote in the primary Feb. 18.
Darrell Browning
345 S. Chestnut St., Platteville

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