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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Jan. 7
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From a former reader

Please cancel my subscription to your newspaper. I have been contemplating this for quite some time, but your recent front page articles have made my decision clearer. I would have hoped that the Christmas week edition would have something else besides a robbery or another sports story on the front page.

You are new to this town and perhaps you don’t know some of the good people in Platteville. I have yet to see a front-page article on something like Family Promise, a group organized here in Platteville to help the 70 homeless families in our school system. Wouldn’t it be great to have a front page article on the Platteville Scholarship Fund? They give significant scholarships to our high school students. They are having their first auction fundraiser this February. You might want to check that out for a good front page story.

In the past, I enjoyed reading about the accomplishments of our children and community members. Yes, I know there are plenty of crimes and drama in our small town. Yet, I don’t intend to focus on that nor do I want to see it blasted on the front page of my hometown paper every week. At the very least, please balance your stories.

And, by the way, we are all not sports fans. I really don’t care what volleyball coach got fired or what football coach is quitting. There are plenty of good teachers and Platteville citizens that deserve more recognition.

Valerie Gill-Mast

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