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Letters to The Platteville Journal for June 5
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Tribute to Belmont

Fifty years ago, my oldest sister and her husband were raising their 10 children in the friendly town of Belmont. My sister was suddenly taken from us due to a car accident, which was no fault of her own.

At that time, the Belmont folks stepped forward with their caring hearts, generosity and many acts of kindness. Their actions were overwhelming. Those folks passed their values and caring manners down from generation to generation.

My nephew married a gal from Belmont and settled there to raise their family. Their third child was born with Down syndrome. Tanner has always been a delightful individual. The family gatherings are always entertaining when he is in attendance.

April 27 was prom night at Belmont High School. Fifty years later the community stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run. The warm-hearted students picked Tanner as prom king. Needless to say, he was just thrilled.

On a tombstone it reads date of birth — date of death. The people in the community of Belmont, we are extremely extraordinary when it comes to living the dash.

Janice Welp

‘Changed my mind’

“On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country; to obey the Scout law; to help other people at all times; and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” That is the Boy Scout Oath … and that is the oath I took as a Boy Scout a long time ago.

“My duty to God and my country” — please note that God is first and country is second. The first duty to either God or country is to obey the laws of God and the laws of one’s country. There are many laws of God and country. Some laws are in common, others are not.

Specifically, the laws of God relative to sexual behavior are quite clearly stated in Leviticus 18:6–26 and in Romans 1:24–27. It is difficult for me to comprehend how any organization can pontificate an oath placing a duty to God first and then approve a regulation, which is diametrically opposed to God’s law. Such it seems to be with the leadership of the Boy Scouts. It seems they have changed their minds.

“I’m sorry,” said Mr. Clinton. “I signed the Defense of Marriage Act, but I’ve changed my mind!” _I changed my mind on my marriage vows and my testimony about Monica too, but that’s another story … and I think I may have changed my mind about that!)

“I’m sorry,” said Mr. Obama. “I promised to cut the national debt in half during my first term in office, but I’ve changed my mind! (I decided to double the debt, but don’t tell the American people that!)

“I’m sorry,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “I swore to defend the privacy rights of Americans and American newspaper investigative reporters … and keep the Infernal (sic) Revenue Service in line, but I’ve changed my mind!” (But don’t worry, I’ll be investigating myself – unless I change my mind!)

“I’m sorry,” said Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. “I know it is my job to see to the protection of our foreign diplomats, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said the corporal to his commanding officer. “I swore to fight for my country, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said the police officer. “I swore to serve and protect, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said the fireman. “It is my job to rescue your family, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said Mr. Lincoln. “I promised to abolish slavery and free Negro slaves, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said Moses to his people. “I promised to lead to out of bondage in Egypt, but I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” said Jesus. “I promised to take away the sins of the world by dying on the cross, but after seeing a couple crucifixions, I’ve changed my mind!”

“I’m sorry,” I said after receiving a request for an annual donation to the Boy Scouts. “I promised to support an organization that lived up to its oath — and I haven’t changed my mind!!!!”

Dr. David Miller

Cemeteries look good

Appreciation and three thumbs-up go to the City of Platteville Public Works Department and the folks on the two cemetery crews.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we drove through Greenwood Cemetery on Platteville’s west side and Hillside Cemetery on Platteville’s south side. A beautiful job was done at both cemeteries. All the monuments had been cleaned with a grass whip on all four sides. All of the beautiful green grass had been mowed to precision with many kinds of different lawnmowers.

It would behoove everyone in Platteville to drive through Greenwood and Hillside cemeteries just to see how really sharp they are looking these days. We appreciate all crews for a job well done.

We also would like to give a big shout-out to the American Legion post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Platteville. They spent hours placing a brand new American flag next to the memorial marker of every person (male or female) who has ever served in the military of the United States of America.

Kaaren and John Risic

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