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Letters to The Platteville Journal for March 12
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Debt and spending

The upcoming Common Council election is very important for the future of Platteville.

At a recent meeting, the council discussed whether to pay off one of our debts. Our city manager recommended that the city could refinance the debt over 10 years. He said it would only cost the taxpayers $4,000. I ask you — do you pay off a loan on a car or do you keep refinancing it? You can’t balance your budget by adding debt to it. The federal government has proven this to us.

Ask the people who voted on Feb. 18 if they saw buses bring college students to vote. Who paid for this? Are the taxpayers of Platteville being stuck with this bill? How many of those students will be in Platteville six years from now, so what do they care if Platteville is in debt or our taxes are so high most of us won’t be able to afford them? How much in property taxes does the university pays on their dorms? So we are busing someone who doesn’t pay a dime in property taxes. Why?

Fewer than 550 people voted last time. Please vote and bring someone with you. If you think all businesses and residences should be treated fair and equal and taxes are too high — please vote for Darrel Browning.

Dennis Browning

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