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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Oct. 30
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Oppose LRB 3146

A bill that would transfer substantial power from local governments to the State is currently being floated in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Although it is aimed at frac sand mining, it would have far wider effects, effectively crippling the ability of local governments to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of their constituents. This bill would restrict or prohibit the authority of local governments to regulate nonmetallic mining, air quality, water quality and quantity, the use of explosives in mining, highway use contracts for damaged roads, borrow sites, and material disposal sites.

Extractive industries such as mining always have dramatic effects on the local landscape, including, depending on the type of mining, the release of carcinogens such as silica sand, asbestos, radionuclides, or any of the myriad chemicals used in mining. Local governments need to be able to retain some regulatory control over these activities, rather than have the state impose one-size-fits-all rules.

Elected representatives at the local, county, and state level need to hear from their constituents ASAP because the bill appears to be fast-tracked. Ask them to contact the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Wisconsin Counties Association for implications of this far-reaching bill.

Carol Dagnon
De Soto

He likes city work

I am taking this opportunity to commend all the hardworking city employees who make Platteville such a great place to live and work. The Common Council members also deserve commendation for the hard work and tough decisions that they make.

These dedicated people perform tasks large and small that just make Platteville a superior place to be. The pool and our Parks & Recreation programs are an example of some of the outstanding work our city does for us. These workers and our other fine city employees take pride in their work as well as their community and make a contribution to our quality of life. Amenities such as Christmas lights and decorations downtown all help to add to our experience.

The Common Council and City Manager have worked hard to keep the quality of life good in our community, this in spite of shrinking state help. In spite of there being a large part of the town owned by a non-profit that pays no direct taxes, they have not increased taxes and diligently work to keep the mil rate down.

Joseph Grant
995 Highbury Circle, Platteville

Bring the pumpkin back

I trust that whoever removed the large lighted pumpkin from my front porch Thursday night, Oct. 21, is enjoying it. That large pumpkin sat on my porch at Halloween time for over 20 years and smiled at those who passed by with no incidents. I am willing to share it with you this year, but I would ask that after Halloween, when you no longer have use for it, you will return it to its home so that I will be able to enjoy it again next year. My pumpkin and I will thank you.

Louise Brockman
920 N. Elm St., Platteville

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