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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Aug. 15
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Not a Trunk fan

Re your article on Penelope Trunk Aug. 8: Ms. Trunk is 99 percent snob and 1 percent realist. Perhaps if she dusts off her attitude and stops criticizing the good people of Wisconsin she could one day achieve the intelligence to match her education!

M.J. Marrese

Two Baldwin fans

Tammy Baldwin is the best choice for the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin for many reasons.  Uppermost in our minds are the facts that she was one of the few national legislators with the courage and foresight to vote against the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act. Had this law remained in place, it is unlikely that the large banks would have caused the financial crisis that they did.

And her support of Social Security and Medicare: like most seniors, we rely on these programs and would be thrust into poverty without them.

Baldwin is a strong defender of working people and their families. In the Senate she would protect people of modest and ordinary means, and not merely cater to the wealthy.

Barbara Allison Bisbee
Richard J. Bisbee
425 N. Elm St., Platteville