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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for July 4
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On ObamaCare

For more than 25 years of public service, I have called for health insurance reforms that put individuals in charge of their health care and make them the owners of their health insurance, like car insurance or property insurance. That would make health care more affordable, safe-guard the doctor-patient relationship, lower the price of insurance and entice most everyone to be responsible for their own health care.

Since the government take-over of health care was first proposed three years ago, my fear was that ObamaCare would strangle the best health care system in the world with massive bureaucracy and government intervention.

The Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaCare ratifies the Constitutional view that we, the people, must obey the laws passed by legislatures, regardless if the laws are good or bad.

We had socialized medicine. Now we have socialist medicine.

Dave Kuhle
Hazel Green

Kuhle is running for the 49th Assembly District Republican nomination against Rep. Travis Tranel (R–Cuba City).

A Tranel supporter

I am writing to express my support for Travis Tranel’s re-election to the 49th State Assembly District. Travis is a decent, hard-working person that listens and puts the time in to do the job well.

Yet I am disturbed by the conduct of some that would oppose him in his own political party. It is true that Travis voted against the Governor’s most well-known proposal that triggered the recall. That single vote by Travis has prompted some to push a candidate against him in a primary election.

The hypocrisy of this whole effort is that his primary opponent also opposed the governor’s proposal at the time and even wrote a letter to the editor of the Dubuque Telegraph Herald stating that opposition. But now that same opponent claims he is running against Rep. Tranel because Travis did not support the Governor. This is pure political double talk.

Rep. Tranel’s primary opponent has already lost to Travis twice before and appears to have some personal issues in dealing with those defeats. That opponent threw a temper tantrum after the 2010 primary and then even quit the party. I understand that Rep. Tranel’s opponent and operatives are now harassing other state representatives because they have come out in support of Travis.

This childish behavior does not show the maturity and character that should be necessary to hold this state office. We need honest, hard-working people who will work well with others in getting things done for the good of all the people.

Both Reps. Ed Brooks (R–Reedsburg) and Lee Nerison (R–Westby) call Travis a team player. They say he is sharp and good to work with. That is why they are also supporting Rep. Tranel. Even Gov. Walker supports Rep. Tranel in spite of Travis voting against the governor’s budget repair bill.

In responding to the distortions and misrepresentation of his behavior and voting record, Rep. Tranel has always presented himself in a professional manner and rises above the pettiness. He is a class act and deserves to be re-elected to the State Assembly.

Mary Lowe
Town of Sylvan

A Kuhle supporter

During the last election cycle, I supported the current Republican representative from the 49th District. Unfortunately I didn’t do my research. One of the first fiscal matters that he voted on was Act 10 and he voted no. And as many politicians do, he hopes no one remembers how he voted, as he is now taking credit for balancing the budget. Fool me once, Travis, shame on you, but fool me twice and shame me!

This August, I will be voting for David Kuhle in the Republican primary. I have gotten to know him extremely well and have found both him and his wife to be passionate people in their beliefs. Those beliefs and morals follow the same path I try to walk every day. In addition, David Kuhle’s many years of being elected to numerous farm organization boards of directors such as Production Credit Association, DHIA, Farm Bureau, Badgerland Financial; as well as farming, shows his understanding of the rural landscape. He was elected to the school board four times and his leadership there highlighted David Kuhle’s ability to serve the public honestly.

Debbie Bierman