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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Nov. 7
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Politics, Etc. and ads

You mentioned in Etc. Oct. 31 that “The Journal does not endorse political candidates.” It is apparent to me that you are indeed not endorsing political candidates, but more generally a political party, namely the Republican Party.

Also, it is interesting that you chose to paraphrase former President Gerald Ford regarding the national nightmare being over. Unfortunately, the national nightmare that Mr. Ford was referring to, e.g. corruption in politics, has not ended.

The current infestation of this nightmare hatched when the Supreme Court ruled on the Citizens United case, opening the doors for corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money endorsing and/or attacking political candidates. And may I respectfully point out page 11A in that issue the full-page advertisement not for a local business or event, but a political ad, paid for by American Principles SuperPAC. A Super PAC is allowed to raise money from corporations, groups and individuals without any legal limits.

I find it distasteful to read political ads placed by an organization with unlimited amounts of money and a political agenda with possible intentions to sway voters. I believe that they do not stand for the principles of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Lindsay Feuling
Mount Horeb

Editor Steve Prestegard replies: The Etc. column represents my point of view as the editor, not the editorial view of The Platteville Journal. Similar to our policy for letters to the editor, advertising in The Journal is open to anyone; the only requirement for political ads is they must include the disclaimer “authorized and paid for by” the person or organization paying for the ad.


Mine questions

Pattison Sand has a proposed 191 acre frac sand mine in the Town of Bridgeport in Crawford County. Permits, reclamation plans are done, and the conditional use permit is ready to be approved. A public hearing on the conditional use permit will be held at the Bridgeport Town Hall Nov. 14 at 5:30 p.m.

At the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway (LWSR) Board meeting Oct. 11, Mr. Pattison told the board they plan to mine 24/7/365. There will be blasting. Half of the 191 acres is within the jurisdiction of the LWSR, so a permit is needed. The Riverway Board decided to delay any action pending further review by the board. Their next board meeting is at the Spring Green Public Library Thursday, Nov. 8 at 5 p.m.

People are beginning to realize that frac sand mining will soon be impacting their lives, the riverway, scenic Wisconsin 60 and the local tourism economy. With large heavy sand trucks running 24/7 traffic, dust and noise will be major issues.

There are no plans for high cap wells. Watering down sand piles will be done by hauling in water in tanker trucks. Trucks will not be washed before leaving the mine but will drive over “speed” bumps in the driveway to “shake off” any dust. With many trucks entering and leaving the mine site traffic safety issues are a serious concern.

Please attend these meetings, write letters to the boards and your government officials and voice your concerns.

Lamar Janes
Gays Mills