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Pick brothers race in Phoenix Marathon
Brothers Quincy (left), Zac (middle) and Jared Pick all ran the PF Changs Rock N Roll Marathon in Phoenix, Ariz. on Jan. 15.

     On Jan. 15 Platteville brothers Jared, Zac and Quincy Pick performed a rare feet in the world of running.
     Not only did the sibling trio all finish the PF Changs Rock N Roll Marathon in Phoenix, Ariz., each did so in less than four hours.
     This was the second marathon for Jared and Zac, who raced in the Columbus Marathon last October, but the first for youngest brother Quincy, who is a senior at Platteville High School.
     When asked what they wanted for Christmas, the boys told their parents that they would like fly somewhere to run a marathon together.
     They chose the marathon in Phoenix for several reasons. First, their grandparents live there in the winter giving the brothers the opportunity to visit family during the trip.  Second, the Arizona race fell on a three-day holiday weekend making it convenient for the family not to miss any school or work. And third, it was a good opportunity for us to take a family vacation.
     Sundays race began a half hour late around 8 a.m. with more than 25,000 runners between the marathon and half-marathon competitors. But less than 20,000 (3,863 marathoners and 15,663 half-marathoners) finished.
     Zac, 21, a junior at Ohio State and 2009 Platteville High School, finished in 3 hours, 5 minutes and 27 seconds nearly cracking the top 100 overall. He finished 101st out of 3,863 finishers and ninth out of 135 in his age division (18-24 years old).
     He successfully completed his goal of beating his time from the Columbus Marathon (3:13:25) and did not have to stop after suffering through calf cramps during his first marathon.
     Jared, 22, a December graduate of UW-Platteville and a 2007 graduate of PHS, also surpassed his time from the Columbus race (3:21.05) finishing 234rd overall and 20th in his age division with a time of 3:20.36.
     This marathon was a test of what I learned from my last one, explained the analytical Jared. Even though my time only improved by a little I felt better throughout the race. I was happy with round two and look forward to future races.
     Quincy, 18, finished 882nd overall and 55th in his age division with a time of 3:48:52 despite battling constant stomach pain throughout most of the race.
     He got a side stitch about five miles into the race. The worst point was between miles 7-10 at which point he began to fall behind his brothers.
     In effort to overcome this obstacle, he tried an energy gel shot. In previous long training runs, these gel shots had proven effective for the youngest Pick, however, this time it just seemed to sit in his stomach like a rock only causing more discomfort and making him sick after the race. 
     After running over 20 miles with this pain, and having to stop briefly after every mile in the second half of the race, he literally gutted it out and finished in a very respectable time. Quincy was taken to a medical tent where he received ice treatments, leg massage and something for hydration. 
     He believes he started out at too fast of a pace creating the onset of the stomach issues.
     After the race, Quincy said, Im definitely never doing that again. 
     When his mother Desha told him that was what his brothers said after the Columbus Marathon, he replied, No, Im definitely never doing that again, maybe half-marathons.
     Later, after some recovery time, he decided, well, maybe in 5 years or so.
     Zac and Jared plan to continue running marathons, half-marathons, and/or 5Ks.  They both agree that the first marathon is without a doubt the hardest. Once youve done one and know what to expect, you can adjust your training and race strategy accordingly.
      All three boys ran varsity cross country for Platteville High School, each earning four varsity letters and between them earning a number of all-conference honors, team awards, medals, and even participating in the state meet. 
     Jared and Zac also ran track for four years, also earning four varsity letters each. While Quincy ran track his freshman year, he opted for golf the following years and hopes to earn his third varsity letter for the Platteville High School golf team this spring.