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Not exercising? Snap Fitness offers free exercise program
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Snap Fitness in Platteville has been selected as a host location for the Snap Fitness National Fitness Study of Non-Exercisers.

The purpose of this 21-day study is to offer those not currently exercising a free, guided fitness program that consists of three 30-minute workouts per week over a three week period and analyzing the progress of those individuals in terms of resting heart rate, body fat percentage, blood pressure and body mass index.

“Our goal at Snap Fitness isn’t to just sell memberships, but to improve health and promote an active lifestyle in our hometown,” said Jen Schweigert, Snap Fitness–Platteville owner. “By participating in this national study, we have the opportunity to offer customized circuit training programs to those not currently exercising. The positive change they will see in key measures of their health will be amazing.”

The study aims to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat and improving cardiovascular fitness to lower the resting heart rate, a key element in reducing heart attacks, heart disease and other common heart-related health concerns by using a combination cardio and muscular activities.

“Past participants in this study have reduced their resting heart rate by about 3 beats per minute,” said Schweigert. “That means your heart will beat 180 times less per hour, 4,320 times less per day and 1,577,000 times less per year after just three weeks.”

Nearly anyone who is not currently exercising is eligible to participate in the study and should contact Snap Fitness in McGregor Plaza, 348-5121, by July 31 to enroll in the study.