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Organic Valley surpasses $1 billion in sales for 2015
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Organic Valley’s family of businesses have reached $1 billion in sales for 2015.

According to Hans Eisenbeis in the media department at Organic Valley’s headquarters in La Farge, the cooperative increased sales from $972 million in 2014.

“...That’s a new record for annual sales for us,” according to Eisenbeis. “So we are still seeing steady growth as mainstream consumers begin to choose organic food, and natural grocery store customers continue to buy Organic Valley products.”

Eisenbeis said new products launched in the last year helped the cooperative lead trends in the organic food industry.

“...We launched grassmilk yogurt to meet consumer demand for more products that are made with 100 percent grassfed cows (no grain),” according to Eisenbeis. “On the other side of the spectrum, Organic Valley launched milk protein shakes in 2014. In 2015, one of them — Organic Fuel — became the top-selling organic milk protein shake in the country.”

According to Eisenbeis, consumer support for core products like butter, half-and-half, cream and cheese was also strong.

The cooperative’s fresh produce had a “great year” and “we sold out of eggs regularly,” according to Eisenbeis.

“I think we’re most proud of staying true to the mission of serving small family farms, and making farming a viable career for the next generation of farmers,” Eisenbeis said.