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Golden Alumni Reunion coming up September 10
Riverdale School District
Golden Alumni Reunion
RICHARD HIPENBECKER, who has four year-books from his high school career, is hoping graduates from 50 or more years ago will attend a ‘Golden Alumni Reunion,’ to be held in Riverside Park in Muscoda, on September 10, beginning at noon. Photo by Wendell Smith

MUSCODA - A ‘Golden Alumni Reunion’ for students who attended Riverdale school and graduated in classes 50 or more years ago, including those from the former Avoca, Blue River, Muscoda and St. Johns schools, is being planned. It will be held Saturday, September 10, at Riverside Park in Muscoda at the shelter near the boat landing.

Richard Hipenbecker, Class of 1971, says “I enjoy our class reunions and look forward to them, but if you are like me, you also had school friends who were older and younger. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reunion that includes those people. At our age, 5 years is starting to seem like a long time between reunions, so how about having one every year?”

The shelter has been reserved and the plan is to gather at 12-noon with a picnic lunch at 1:00 with folks bringing their own food and drinks.

There will be a big screen TV with a slide show playing in the background. Class pictures or other memorabilia to display will be welcome.

Hipenbecker says there is no contact list for this group and he hopes classmates will pass the word along. He can be reached at (608)739-2626 or