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Platteville school enrollment up 3.7%
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PLATTEVILLE — Two weeks before the official count, Platteville schools appear to have 3.7 percent more students than one year ago.

As of Friday, Platteville’s four public schools had 1,514 students, 54 more than in the 2011–12 school year.

The enrollment growth is found at Westview Elementary School, where enrollment increased from 199 to 226, and at Platteville Middle School, where enrollment grew from 470 to 509.

Westview and PMS’ growth is largely due to students transferring from the closed St. Mary’s School. PMS has 22 new students who attended St. Mary’s last year.

The growth at Westview and PMS made up for Platteville High School’s drop in enrollment from 455 in 2011–12 to 443. Neal Wilkins Elementary School’s enrollment of 336 is the same as one year ago.

The enrollment numbers are tentative until the third-Friday count Sept. 21, which sets state per-student aid, school equalization aid and the school district’s tax levy.

Changes at Neal Wilkins include the replacement of the Little Theater with a computer lab, with scheduled weekly computer time for students, said Principal ReNah Reuter.

Neal Wilkins students also are participating in Kindergarten Camp and First-Grade Frontier, two 30-minute enrichment programs based on assessment data, focusing on reading this year, Reuter said.

Platteville High School is looking to stress academics more this school year.

“We need our C students to become B-plus students,” said Principal Jeff Jacobson. “We need our B-minus students to be A-minus students. To push to that level, it’s got to be a culture that we breathe.”