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Richland Center seeks information on development status
City seeks information on development status

Richland Center city officials concerned about the lack of apparent progress on a second unit at Panorama Estates has raised concerns about the status of the building progress on the city’s west side . 

Mayor Todd Coppernoll and Economic Development Director Jasen Glasbrenner said they would investigate the status of a second unit and meet with the developers next week during the first meeting of the new year for the Richland Center City Council.

Glasbrenner said he has talked recently with the developer and expressed concern and disappointment regarding the lack of construction of a second unit. A second unit was expected to be opened this year according to the developers’ agreement. 

“What are we doing?” questioned alderperson Ryan Cairns. 

The status of the project has been delayed by the city’s passage of an amended developers’ agreement last year as well as Covid, increased cost of construction materials and rising interest rates. 

It was the city’s first council meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. and it proved to be a short one lasting only about one-half hour.

A short agenda included the approval of a municipal taxi license for 2023 for Kevin Carley. 

Possible action on the Symons Recreation Complex operational deficit request was taken off the agenda at the last minute.

Alderperson Sue Fruit expressed a concern about the speed of some vehicles on Court Street and requested police to monitor it.

Clerk/Treasurer Aaron Joyce reported that his office has been getting training on new payroll and accounting software. He also reported that his office has taken in about $1.2 million from property taxpayers. 

Keith Behling of the Rotary Club told the council that the “Rotary Lights in the Park” show during the holiday season went “very well”. He noted that there were five nights on which the show was not open. There was an electrical problem one night. It was too wet another, and there were some other when it was “too cold”.