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Council prohibits weapons
Banned in city-controlled buildings
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The Fennimore common council has elected to prohibit the carrying of weapons in public buildings controlled by the city—a move in response to the new Wisconsin law that went into effect Nov. 1 and permits the carrying of concealed weapons.

An ordinance was approved by the council during its regular meeting Monday night. Anyone carrying a weapon will be prohibited from entering the Fennimore Memorial Building or attending a special event there. They will also be prohibited from the city of Fennimore’s street shop, utility shop and wastewater treatment plant. Weapons include firearms, loaded or unloaded; electric weapons; or knives with a blade length of three inches or more.

Exceptions to the ordinance are law enforcement officers; peace officers; people using knives in food preparation or other activities such as a Civil War reenactment or dramatic production; people renting the facility for an auction or estate sale with the intent to sell or auction a weapon, as long as the weapon is removed from the building promptly after the sale; and people in vehicles driven or parked on the grounds.

The city will provide notice of the new ordinance through the local newspaper and by posting signs at each entrance to the Memorial Building. No signs will be posted at the street, utility and wastewater facilities, since the public doesn’t generally enter those locations.