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Badger Park use contract reduced
shullsburg graduation
Shullsburg High School held its graduation commencement ceremony for the 146th graduating class from the school at Badger Park on Friday, Aug. 7. - photo by By Thomas Gunnell

SHULLSBURG - Mayor Emmett Reilly called the City of Shullsburg meeting to order Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. via speaker phone. With the public address system that the city installed last year, everything worked well, with no lag and Reilly able to hear the room and Reilly’s voice coming through clear.

Shullsburg School District Administrator Mark Lierman and Shullsburg School Board President Eugene Uehling were present to discuss the contract between the school district and the city for the use of the Badger Park for the school’s sports programs. The current contract expired earlier this year

Lierman noted that he has never been privy to the reasons of a rental agreement from the past.

Lierman said, “Some things that have occurred in the past, make me think we should rework this agreement. A few years ago Cheesefest got rained out and got moved into the school and there was no charge for that. Also we have a lot of community groups that use our school and we do not charge them a dime. As long as it involves our kids, we are going to open up that building for the community.”

Lierman continued, “Things that have changed over the years is the amount of use that the school district uses the park. In 2016 we had a lot of football games up there. Last year we had two varsity football games there. This year there may be no games played there.”

Lierman: “Lastly there may be a concern regarding maintenance of the field. I know that during the season we take care of the field. We mow and line the field during football season and same during baseball and softball seasons.”

Lierman: “That being said, we are looking for at least a reduction in park rental fee to $1,000 per year. That would be our proposal at this time.”

Reilly pointed out that this has been a three-year contract in the past and the school paid the city $3,000 per year.

Alder Gloria Swenson said, “Maybe this should go year-by-year, you don’t know what’s going to happen next year. It may have less or it may have more usage.”

Weiskircher said, “I think there does need to be a contract for liability reasons. I’d be okay with $1,000 on a yearly contract.”

A motion was made to approve a contract with the Shullsburg School district for $1,000 per year in a one-year contract and no charge for 2020. Approved. The contract will begin August 2021.

Committee reports:

Ambulance committee – discussed the purchase of a new ambulance. The new ambulance will be discussed further at the Aug. 12 meeting. Eight new first responders are members of the ambulance crew with seven going on to EMT2 certification.

Park committee – discussed renovations to be done at the Badger Pool. Cost estimates will be brought to the next committee meeting.

In other business:

•Adjourned the 2020 Board of Review meeting held before the regular Common Council meeting.

•Approved July bills in the amount of $54,112. Alder Jason Weiskircher questioned one item. The rent of a power washer paid to Alder Pat Heim in the amount of $250. Weiskircher asked Heim what this was for.

Heim answered, “For the park.”

Weiskircher said, “I thought the city owns a pressure washer.”

Heim said, “The city’s is electric and a gas powered power washer was needed.”

Weiskircher said, “Was this prior approved. I think this is improper.”

Heim said, “Last year they used my power washer, they washed off the Townsend Building and items in the park. They came and got it again this year. I’m not promoting it. If you don’t want them to use it, that’s fine. The hardware store rents them for $90 a day.”

Weiskircher said, “I just don’t think it’s appropriate to rent personal property to the city.”

•Approved a preliminary survey map change for three properties that was recommended by the Plan Commission. The council approved the final survey map for the same properties.

•Approved an operator license submitted from Karen Watson.

•Approved 3-1 (with Weiskircher voting no) an incentive proposal from Wayne Gehrt in the amount of $5,000 (and matched by the city) given to the first home builder that chooses Parkview Subdivision as their building site. This is contingent upon the city’s lawyer okaying using city funds for the incentive.

•Approved taking the incentive options to the city’s attorney for a review and opinion.

•On Thursday, Aug. 6 Gehrt officially withdrew his offer in writing of providing a $5,000 incentive.

•On tonight’s agenda it was noticed that there was not the usual ‘public comment’ item listed.

Swenson asked that public comment be put on the next agenda to be discussed and action if necessary.

Reilly said, “That is decided by the chair, but you can put it on the next agenda for discussion.”

Meeting adjourned.