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Financial resolutions passed at Highway Committee
county d bridge

DARLINGTON - The Lafayette County Highway Department Committee passed two resolutions at their meeting on Sept. 10 that will be moved on to the county board.

One approved at last Highway Committee meeting asks for purchasing one quad-axle dump truck and one tandem-axle truck equipped with snow removal equipment that will be above the $50,000 threshold. The two items will be bid out and funds from the 2020 budget will pay for the purchases. This item is on the County Board Sept. 15 agenda.

The other resolution is for the 2021 budget and the ‘county aide bridges fund’. The county’s financial portion of projects being done include: Kendall Township - $20,350; White Oak Springs – $30,500; Elk Grove - $6,000; Willow Springs - $5,000 and Fayette - $3,750, for a total of $65,600. The work on these projects will be done in 2020 and paid for in 2021.

MSA conducts public input meeting

A public involvement meeting for the reconstruction of the County D bridge, just north of South Wayne, was held Sept. 8 via zoom. Two public persons that attended the meeting were Mary McKnight of South Wayne and the Republican Journal.

The County D bridge was originally constructed in 1938 and is in poor condition. It will be replaced with a new alignment that will place it to the west of the current alignment. The existing bridge is a single span steel overhead trust bridge, 124’ long, 24’ clear wide. What is proposed is a three span concrete slab bridge, 146’ long and wider at 34’. Bidding for the project will be in Dec. 2021 and construction of the project is slated for spring of 2022. The project will cost $2.1 million and will be funded with 80% from the state or federal government and 20% will be funded locally.

The only concern brought up by the public was keeping the old bridge open during construction of the new bridge and according to MSA Professional Services Project Manager Jamie Kurten that is in the plans right now, although there will be some shut down periods during the project. No detour is planned.

In other business:

•Approved Aug. 2020 vouchers in the amount of $176,000, of that $30,000 from Contech for the Truman Road TRIP project; $18,000 seal coat chips from Little Giant; $12,976 diesel fuel from Flint Hills; $53,000 for five loads of assorted oils from H.G. Miggs; $52,850 for new tin roofs on the state salt shed and the county salt shed, the work was done by Ubersox Construction.

•Aug. 2020 overtime report: overtime - $2,657 and comp time - $910 for a total of $3,567.

•Bridge updates – Reviewed the County D bridge public involvement meeting.

Other bridges were discussed that are in programs to be reconstructed County I, County O and County C.

Discussed the bridge reconstruction on Hwy. 78 north of Gratiot. Commissioner Tom Jean reported the road has been open since Sept. 2.

•Summer maintenance – Jean updated the committee on Hwy. 11 construction from County KK to Green County line. The project will include mill and overlay and replace several culverts. The highway will be closed at times to replace culverts between Sept. 14 through Sept. 18. Detours will be set up.

Patrol Superintendent, Dan Rielly reported the crews have been patching, replacing culverts and doing shoulder work. Seal coating is mostly done, waiting for dry weather to do project on County F near Carl Davis’. Iowa County has been striping – they have approximately 50 miles done and will be doing about 20 more miles, hot mix job in Belmont, still mowing and cleaning equipment.

•Equipment update – in addition to the quad and tandem axle trucks, the Highway Dept. will see if there is enough money to purchase a rubber tire roller.

A request to purchase a chip spreader, distributor, superintendents vehicle and commissioners vehicle has been requested in the 2021 the budget.

•Personnel – discussed the process of replacing the commissioner and two other positions that are retiring.

The four ten hours days schedule has been extended through October because of covid.

Two workers were exposed to COVID-19, but both tested negative and are back to work.