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Village board approves service window

MUSCODA - A mostly masked Muscoda Village board met in person last Monday to discuss various topics during their monthly meeting. 

The topic of the outlets and light fixtures at the library was brought up once again. It was shared with the library by Village Director of Public Works Troy Wardell that he was told there was concerns about certain outlets not being up to code. 

“We are two, three years into this library and now they’re telling us they’re not up to code?” Village president Dorothy Hackle questioned. 

It was agreed, that they would call for a second opinion and further bids on the work to clarify what is needed and costs. 

Concerns about truck traffic on side streets was also brought up to the board. It was noted that large trucks have been ripping and knocking down cable wires for Media Com and CenturyLink, presenting a potential hazard. Previous attempt by the village to contact these companies have been met with confusion. After some discussion, Hackle suggested writing a letter to MediaCom and CenturyLink in hopes of helping them become more aware of the hazards of their low lines and the truck traffic in the village. 

Village Police Chief Bill Schram shared with the board his desires to install a service window at the police department. 

Schram shared that it would actually be restoring an area that was previously a service window so it would not be a very expensive or invasive venture. Although he was awarded $10,000 in grant money, he is unable to use it towards this project due to specific guidelines. He projected the cost of the project to be approximately $2,000 and he believes he would be able to install it mostly himself. The board agreed to the installation project, on the grounds it would not exceed the $2,000 quote. 

In his report Schram also shared that the Muscoda Police Department had their use of force policy certified and was looking into finding an outside agency for when it is time to renew the policy. 

It was also brought up that the topic of the annual Mushroom Festival needs to be decided. The room was quiet for a moment until Hackle expressed “I honestly don’t know what we’ll be able to do yet.” and the rest of the board murmured in agreement. The issue was tabled